THE BEST 15 Things To Do in Tbilisi | Attractions & Activities

THE BEST 15 Things To Do in Tbilisi | Attractions & Activities
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Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a city rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region, Tbilisi offers a wide array of attractions and activities that cater to all kinds of travelers. Whether you're a history buff, a food lover, or an adventure seeker, Tbilisi has something to offer. In this article, we will explore the top 15 things to do in Tbilisi, ensuring an unforgettable experience in this vibrant city.

1. Explore the Historic Old Town 

Tbilisi's Historic Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site that captivates visitors with its cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and fascinating history. Take a leisurely stroll through narrow alleyways, discover hidden courtyards, and admire the unique blend of Persian, Byzantine, and European architectural styles.

2. Visit the Narikala Fortress 

Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the Narikala Fortress is an iconic landmark of Tbilisi. Dating back to the 4th century, this ancient fortress offers panoramic views of the cityscape. Take a cable car ride or hike up to the fortress and immerse yourself in its rich history.

3. Marvel at the Holy Trinity Cathedral 

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, also known as Sameba, is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world. Admire the stunning architecture, intricate frescoes, and beautiful views of the city. Step inside to experience the peaceful ambiance and witness religious ceremonies.

4. Wander through the Rustaveli Avenue 

Rustaveli Avenue is Tbilisi's main thoroughfare, lined with shops, cafes, theaters, and museums. Take a leisurely stroll along this bustling street, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and explore the various cultural and artistic landmarks.

5. Relax in the Rike Park 

Situated on the banks of the Mtkvari River, Rike Park is a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. Enjoy a picnic, take a leisurely walk, or simply relax on one of the benches while enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding area.

6. Immerse yourself in Georgian Cuisine 

No visit to Tbilisi is complete without indulging in the mouthwatering Georgian cuisine. From traditional dishes like khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) and khinkali (dumplings) to aromatic wines and flavorful spices, the culinary scene in Tbilisi will delight your taste buds.

7. Discover the Open Air Museum of Ethnography 

Located on a vast green hill overlooking the city, the Open Air Museum of Ethnography showcases traditional Georgian houses from different regions of the country. Step into the past as you explore the well-preserved houses, churches, and artifacts, and gain insight into Georgian culture and heritage.

8. Soak in the Sulfur Baths 

Tbilisi is famous for its natural hot sulfur baths, which have been a part of the city's culture for centuries. Relax and rejuvenate in one of the historic bathhouses, surrounded by stunning architecture and therapeutic hot springs.

9. Experience the vibrant nightlife 

Tbilisi boasts a vibrant and eclectic nightlife scene. From trendy bars and clubs to live music venues, the city offers a diverse range of entertainment options. Dance the night away, listen to live Georgian music, or enjoy a relaxed evening at a cozy wine bar.

10. Visit the Georgian National Museum 

Delve into Georgia's rich history and cultural heritage at the Georgian National Museum. The museum houses a vast collection of archaeological artifacts, medieval art, and exhibitions that showcase the country's artistic and historical treasures.

11. Explore the Modern Bridge of Peace 

The Bridge of Peace is a modern architectural marvel that connects the old and new parts of the city. Admire its distinctive design, walk across the illuminated bridge at night, and enjoy the panoramic views of the city skyline.

12. Take a Cable Car Ride to the Mtatsminda Park 

For a fun-filled adventure, hop on a cable car and ascend to the top of Mount Mtatsminda. At the summit, you'll find Mtatsminda Park, an amusement park with thrilling rides, beautiful gardens, and breathtaking views of the city.

13. Explore the Dry Bridge Flea Market 

If you're a fan of vintage treasures and unique finds, head to the Dry Bridge Flea Market. Browse through a wide array of antiques, artwork, jewelry, and Soviet-era memorabilia, and take home a piece of Tbilisi's history.

14. Discover the Chronicles of Georgia Monument 

The Chronicles of Georgia Monument is a towering sculpture that depicts scenes from Georgian history. Take a closer look at the intricate carvings and explore the surrounding park, which offers picturesque views of the city.

15. Take a Day Trip to Mtskheta 

Just a short drive from Tbilisi, the ancient town of Mtskheta awaits. Visit the UNESCO-listed Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, explore the Jvari Monastery, and immerse yourself in the town's rich religious and cultural heritage.


Tbilisi, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, offers an unforgettable experience for travelers. Whether you're exploring the narrow streets of the Old Town, indulging in the flavors of Georgian cuisine, or marveling at the ancient fortresses and cathedrals, Tbilisi has something to captivate every visitor. With its unique blend of tradition and modernity, this charming city continues to be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.


Q1: What is the best time to visit Tbilisi? 

A1: The best time to visit Tbilisi is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is mild, and the city is less crowded with tourists.

Q2: How can I get around Tbilisi? 

A2: Tbilisi has a reliable public transportation system that includes buses, metro, and taxis. Walking is also a great way to explore the city center.

Q3: Are credit cards widely accepted in Tbilisi? 

A3: Yes, most hotels, restaurants, and shops in Tbilisi accept credit cards. However, it's always a good idea to carry some cash for small establishments or markets.

Q4: Is it safe to drink tap water in Tbilisi? 

A4: It is generally safe to drink tap water in Tbilisi as it undergoes treatment. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it's advisable to drink bottled water.

Q5: Can I visit Tbilisi on a budget? 

A5: Yes, Tbilisi offers a range of budget-friendly accommodations, affordable dining options, and free attractions such as parks and museums, making it an ideal destination for budget travelers.

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